Cgi Product Images

CGI Product Images From Fabric Swatch

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No need to photograph garments. We can digitally create garment images using a photo of the fabric. Using CGI technology we can create any garment image and then wrap it in the fabric of your choice.
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How Does It Work?

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1.Photograph Your Fabrics

Start by photographing your fabrics, laid flat. You can use your phone or have the photos professionally taken.

2. Submit Photos To Us

Submit your fabric photos to us, and tell us what type of garment you need created, whether it is a shirt, pants, dress or other. Photos can be uploaded via Dropbox or Google Drive.
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Measurement Profiles

3. We Turn Your Fabrics Into Product Images For You To Download

Then we use our CGI technology to turn you fabric photos into the products that you have requested. In the example, it is a mens shirt. We upload your new product photos via Dropbox or Google Drive.