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Start to increase sales now.

Join the online tailor revolution and let your customers order online. Go live with a fully interactive shop with your own custom branding, and start selling online within hours. Clients who use WTailor have seen up to a 50% increase in sales. Take the demo to see how it works.

Website Features

Your Own Online Shop

Your Own Online Shop

We set you up with your own branded online shop, including a shopping cart and payment system. Customers will be able to design their shirts and suits online and submit their orders. Not only will this online shop be a great showcase of your products and services, you will see an increase in sales from your existing customers who can now order from their home or office.

Edit Store Options & Products

Your online store will come with an easy to use Content Management System, meaning you can upload products, edit images, text descriptions and pricing on your online store. You can also easily change the garment options such as the number of different collars and cuffs your offer for a tailored shirt.
Edit store options
Measurement Profiles

Customer Measurement Profiles & Order Tracking

Your customers can log in to their accounts where they can save and edit their measurement profiles which makes re-ordering very easy. They can also view order history and track the progress of new orders.

Shopping Cart & Payment

Your online shop comes complete with a shopping cart and online payment system. Sales funds are deposited into an account which you nominate. WTailor offers a complete end-to-end online store solution so you’ll be ready to start selling online straight away.
Cart and payment
Manage Customer Orders

Manage Customer Orders

In the backend, you will be able to login to view and manage customer orders. You will also be able to create vouchers and manager user accounts. You have complete control over your site.

Full Time Support & Maintenance

As well as our online tutorials, you can contact us anytime if you get stuck on something and we can walk you through it.
Keeping a website running, is like keeping a car running. It needs constant maintenance, and sometimes some new parts. Our technical team are working full time, to make sure your site is up to date, fully optimized, and running smoothly.
Cart and payment

Compatible on all devices

Your online store is compatible on all devices, meaning customers can order from anywhere, and also Google will rank you strongly in their search results for having a dynamic site.
All Platforms

Already have a website?

So you already have a website, and you’d like to keep it. We can integrate your new online shop with your current site. Customers will click a ‘Shop now’ button which will take them to the online ordering portal that will be branded similarly to your existing site. After they process an order, it will return them to your existing website.
Already have a website

Pricing Options

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  • Free setup
  • Weekly Backups
  • Up to 100 Customers/Users




  • Free setup
  • Daily Backups
  • Up to 500 Customers/Users




  • Free setup
  • Daily Backups
  • Unlimited Customers/Users

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